Who we are

Albert Engineering & Project is an engineering company that is mainly Project Construction Management e Research and experimental development specialised in supporting in all enterprises from large to small, on strategic goals strictly aimed to competitive and development purposes.

Albert Engineering & Project, thanks to its broad spectrum coverage, is able to offer

Thanks to its essence broad-spectrum, offers companies:

  • Innovative and accurate consultancy focused on finding solutions for a wealthier and sustainable growth through the use of various financial resources, according to the specific area of competence, expressly by means of favourable credit terms and tax credit
  • Specialised consultancy on R&D in all sectors employing highly qualified researchers, university professors, departments, research centres, national and international universities, and last but not least experienced and expert professionals
  • Activities directed to promote, guarantee and expand business knowledge therefore the Italian companies market, within a tailored study targeted to identify new spheres of interest, modern technologies and innovative processes/products


Albert Engineering & project was born in 2017 as a Research and Development company, able to provide adequate and necessary services to enterprises enabling them to develop their business with a close collaboration of universities Moreover it is strengthened by the Joint Venture agreement between CISFA Consorzio Interuniversitario di Messina e Reggio Calabria) and the other company of TFORMA group

The expert team results extremely important for the development of research projects, due to multidisciplinary competences and multisectioral experiences, directed at all aspects of the project’s life cycle

The experience of the team formed was initially born to supply Oil & Gas and renewable enterprises, with Project & Construction Management activities.&Successively, energy consultancy has been expanding throughout the years by energy efficiency activities Additionally. Albert Engineering Project has been specialising in R&D projects, & identifying regional/national non repayable funds and financing

Albert Engineering & Project operate in the following areas

  • R&D and Innovation
  • Project & Construction management
  • Engineering and prototyping
  • Energy Efficiency


Nowadays, the current market conditions and the inherent difficulties of the access to credit, force companies to pay close attention to every type of investment (product/process/ organization)

"Attempting" “is inadmissible”. In order to make the ‘correct decision’ regarding business innovation and development, the entrepreneur has to consider risk/benefit assessment which requires multiple competences of all sorts

An innovative project requires a specific contextualization, paying attention to primary and secondary effects involved

The mission of Albert Engineering & Project mission is to be a support and a pillar for enterprises in business innovation and development. We provide our network of professionals who use specialised skills which the project requires, considering that each client deserves a unique solution structured to specific needs and to precise goals

Moreover our knowledge and experience raise quality and meticulousness of each study-phase. Innovation business project has to be safe, with a solid risk analysis, development of appropriate action and quality control according to project specifications. Efficiency’ and ‘High standards of Innovation’ are our main purpose based on real necessities and feasibility, by virtue of European or national/international grants, either non repayable funds or tax credit.

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