29 Oct 2019 - Energy


ERDF OP Sicily 2014-2020
Thematic Objective 1 – Specific Objective 1.1

PROJECT n. 072562000182

1.1.3 Action – "Support for innovation economic value through the testing and adoption of innovative solutions in processes, products and organizational formulas and funding through the industrialization of research results"

The project SOLARSKIN “SOLAR ARCHITECTURAL SKIN” born from the desire to combine photovoltaic surfaces and architectural design for buildings not only energy independent but also architecturally appealing.

The project proposal addresses the issues of Energy with a broad approach on issues concerning materials, devices, oriented to the possible future applications in industry, with particular reference to existing research and production realities in the Sicilian territory.

To solve the increasingly serious problem of energy needs is necessary to develop renewable and secure energy supplies; among these, the solar energy conversion is one of the most interesting, whereas the earth's surface receives each time a quantity of solar energy approximately equal to that globally consumed in a year, coming from fossil fuels.

Among all, and parallel to the other, an interesting technology for the conversion of solar energy is the one of the photovoltaic cells. To date, several technologies, achieving excellent conversion yields, which are extremely important in case of limited space such installations on the roofs have been developed.

General objectives of the project:

The project SOLARSKIN – SOLAR ARCHITECTURAL SKIN"It proposes to realize DSSC photovoltaic cells with high durability, extreme constructive versatility and are suitable to be used in building and architectural design of interiors and exteriors and the definition of a productive process transferable to the company.


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