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Who we are

Albert Engineering & Project is an engineering company that is mainly Project & Construction Management e Research and experimental development specialised in supporting in all enterprises from large to small, on strategic goals strictly aimed to competitive and development purposes.


Our Partners

Albert Engineering & Project dedicated specialized personnel, material and financial resources to the pursuit of technological innovation aimed at improving and / or create new processes, materials and products. There are numerous collaborations with universities and research institutes that flank the Albert professional team in the advisory businesses.

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Current Projects




Energy | 29 Oct 2019

The SOLARSKIN design aims to combine photovoltaic surfaces and architectural design for buildings not only energy independent but also architecturally appealing…

Cement for Green Building

Cement for Green Building

Energy | 26 Sep 2019

An innovative and environmentally friendly future with geopolymers. New innovative technologies in eco innovation (materials, processes and advanced devices within energy and environmental and green building)…

Technology Enabling Fundamental

Technology Enabling Fundamental

Technological innovation | 26 Sep 2019

Research project & MI.SE. Development The project falls within "the scope Fundamental Enabling Technology (KET-KeyEnabling Technology) aimed at achieving the following objectives…